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Exportní strategie ČR 2012–2020
Exportní strategie ČR 2012–2020
Incoterms 2020
Incoterms 2020


ON-LINE ICC Rules Incoterms 2020

  • Datum konání: 1.2.2021, 09:00
  • Datum ukončení: 1.2.2021, 16:00
  • Místo konání: anywhere on your PC or laptop with a quality internet connection
ON-LINE ICC Rules Incoterms 2020

The seminar will take the form of a webinar in the comfort of your office or home.

This one day training is a must for:

  • exporters, importers and traders;
  • carriers, freight forwarders, insurance companies;
  • specialists in trade finance, bank risk managers, internal auditors;
  • lawyers, advocates, academics;

The international commercial terms 2020 are applicable starting January 1st 2020.
Although changes are relatively small in comparison with the ones of 2010, however, detailing their specifications is a must in the international business world.

In fact, through this seminar exporters, importers, traders, specialists in logistics, cargo insurance, bankers and many other interested business people will keep safe themselves or their customers (buyer or seller) by knowing the right and most adequate advice/solution to the specific needs and therefore being protected against technical risks and ambiguities which frequently arisen.

The new Incoterms will be explained in detail, practical scenarios will be discussed. And most importantly your questions/worries will be answered and remedies will be outlined.

Major Outlines:

  • Understand the context in which the Incoterms® rules are used
  • Define what the Incoterms® rules are, their use, and their legal framework
  • List the Incoterms® 2020 rules and their main features
  • Differentiate between the obligations under each of the Incoterms® 2020 rules
  • Identify the Incoterms® 2020 rules to be used in various situations

Seminar Language – English with no translation!


Mr. Pavel Andrle, BSc., LL.M - is a Secretary to the Banking Commission and Commission of Commercial Law and Practice of ICC Czech Republic. Mr. Pavel Andrle is an international trade and finance consultant and lecturer. He has worked for a number of leading local and international banks in various positions (for instance as trade finance specialist, head of trade finance, trade finance risk manager, in-house trainer). Mr. Andrle has conducted seminars held in more than 65 countries of the world. He has been deeply involved in the revision of Incoterms 2010 and also Incoterms 2020 and in their translations into the Czech language. He has delivered many seminars and workshops on Incoterms 2000, 2010 and 2020 in many parts of the world.

Agenda of the Workshop, 1 February 2021

Topic: Incoterms rules and their role, Incoterms 2020, Questions & Answers

08:30 - 09:00 Registration

09:00 - 10:30 Incoterms Rules and their role in the trade
  • Incoterms Rules – what are they?
  • What do Incoterms do and what they do not do?
  • Principal features of the Incoterms Rules
  • Main categorization of Incoterms
Incoterms 2020 – the resent revision
  • Incoterms 2020 v. Incoterms 2010 – similarities and changes
  • The main impact of the changes on the contract parties
  • Questions and Answers
  • Exercises

10:30 - 10:50 Contact break

10:50 - 12:00 Incoterms 2020 – the resent revision
  • Incoterms 2020 – rules for omni- and multimodal transport
  • What are the key issues under each of the Incoterms 2020 rules in practice?
  • Questions and Answers

12:00 - 13:00 Lunch

13:00 - 14:30 Incoterms 2020 – the resent revision
  • Incoterms 2020 – rules for sea and inland waterway transport
  • What are the key issues under each of the Incoterms 2020 rules?
  • Questions and Answers

14:30 - 14:50 Contact break

14:50 - 16:00 Incoterms 2020 – relationship with other terms and conditions of the contract of sale, other related contracts
  • Incoterms 2020 and payment conditions, focus on documentary collections and documentary credits
  • Contracts of carriage and cargo insurance – main issues in practice
  • Discussion

16:00 Closing remarks

Event registration fees:

4.900,- Kč incl. 21% VAT per person

Standard discounts applicable for members off the ICC Czech Republic.
Registration for the event is binding, no refund.


  • Kontaktní jméno pořadatele: Renata Filípková
  • Telefon na pořadatele: 727 913 390
  • E-mail na pořadatele: filipkova@icc-cr.cz


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