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Export Strategy of the Czech Republic 2012-2020
Export Strategy of the Czech Republic 2012-2020
Incoterms 2020
Incoterms 2020

Export Strategy

The ICC Czech Republic prepared for the Ministry of Industry and Trade a new Export Strategy of the Czech Republic for the 2012–2020 period, which determines the strategic framework of pro-export policy and summarises the general vision of pro-export activities of the government and their objectives.

The strategy was adopted by the Government of the Czech Republic on 14 March 2012. The new concept is based on three pillars:

  • Reporting for export
  • Development of export
  • Support to business opportunities.

The strategy comprises 12 basic projects and specifies their main objectives and attributes. The individual parts are implemented by means of specific measures, whose intention is restructuring and optimising support provided to the export.

The priority of the project in general is put on maintaining present positions and on further development of the positions, mainly in the segment of small and medium-sized companies. As regards the countries beyond the EU member countries, the Export Strategy is oriented towards 12 priority countries, in terms of collaboration and export:  Brazil, China, India, Iraq, Kazakhstan,  Mexico, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, USA and Vietnam.

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